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I absolutely love being given challenges. So was totally pleased when Alice Mercer sent me a message in twitter asking if I could tell her how to write blog posts to Edublogs using her mobile phone. <p />   Fortunately I had lots of ideas about how I might do it so it was just a matter of testing them. <p />   First choice was posterous.com (because it can be used with any mobile device provided you can email). <p />   So simple go to posterous, set up an account then link all the accounts you want to post to e.g. your blog, Flickr. Then all you have to do is write an email on your mobile phone and send it to post.posterous.com. It is immediately posted to all sites. <p />   Obviously it can't add tags or categories so you would need to add these later. <p />   I've written this post entirely using posterous via email on my iphone including taking a quick photo of my watch to show how you can use tools like this to be time efficient. I'm sitting waiting here for my son to finish guitar lesson. <p />   Must say though while the iPhone is amazing I missed the stylus on my previous Phone (PDA) which was considerably faster at writing.  Perhaps someone can give me lessons on speed? Meanwhile since I'm new using iPhone's please feel free to suggesting any applications I should try.<div class='p_embed p_image_embed'>


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