Month: January 2012

Photogallery test

6/366: Auto post to blog using FlickIt Part II

Today’s task for my Project 366 was to research photo apps for uploading to Flickr. While I’m documenting my journey on my blog I like to share my final photos on Flickr.

The two apps I’ve found good for uploading to Flickr are FlickrStacker for Flickr and FlickIt. FlickrStacker is the better of the two apps however FlickIt includes the ability to auto post to a blog when uploading to Flickr.

Auto posting is a handy, and time saving feature, if you only wanted to upload one photo and post to blog at the same time. The other way you can auto post is by using send by email. You can read how to set up auto post here:…

This post is a demo of using FlickIt to auto post to my 366 Blog.

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